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MassageWorks for infant massage.

Show your baby love through touch

What is Infant Massage?

Mothers all over the world know their babies need to be touched, held, carried, cuddled, and rocked. Infant Massage is another technique that has been an ancient tradition in many cultures and only recently rediscovered in the West. It provides a natural and positive method between caregiver and baby that clinical studies show promote “bonding” as well as improve babies health and emotional well being.

Infant Massage Promotes “Bonding”

Infant Massage can aid in the development of the bonding process between mother and baby. All components of “bonding” are involved:

  • Skin-to-skin contact
  • Eye-to-eye contact
  • Soothing sounds
  • Positive interaction
  • Communication through facial expressions and body language

Regularly massaging your baby can improve mother’s nurturing skills and enhance baby’s well being, disposition, and the relationship between mother and child.

General Benefits for your Baby

According to studies conducted at the University of Miami Medical School’s Touch Research Institute, Infant Massage has been found to:

  • Reduce pain associated with teething, constipation, colic,
  • Reduces stress caused by painful procedures such as inoculations.
  • Helps induce sleep and diminish hyperactivity
  • Improves circulation and digestive process
  • Provides a stress prevention program, which will be valuable for years to come

Other Benefits for Special Infants

Other benefits were discovered at the Touch Research Institute of University of Miami Medical School for Preterm Infants. Studies concluded that massaged preterm infants in comparison to non-massaged babies:

  • Gained 47% more weight
  • Were more active, alert, and showed better performance on the Brazelton Neonatal Scale on habituation, orientation, and motor activity.
  • Left the hospital on average, six days earlier

These therapies can only take place in the Hospital since they take place in Incubators. Check with your local health care provider if Infant Massage is available.

How MassageWorks can Help

MassageWorks provides courses, taught by certified instructors for parents, caregivers, and their babies. Classes are designed for babies, aged three weeks and crawling, as well as older toddlers. The courses are designed to teach all involved the benefits of massage and specific Infant massage techniques. Each class is geared to the baby’s individual needs and developmental level. MassageWorks also provides services and demonstrations for professional groups. Private instruction is available and can be designed to address special needs of parent and child.

Sign up now to learn how to provide the nurturing benefits of massage to your baby.